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"I started experimenting with Keto back in the fall of 2018 but never could stay motivated to keep it up for more then a week to two weeks. So I eventually gave up on it. I started the keto diet and fitness program in October 2017 at a little over 300 and then now as of August 2018 I am now 185 over 115 pounds in less than a year I was astonished I took it to heart kept the motivation going never gave up and now here I am after being big my entire life I never thought I could imagine being this amazing of a shape the program works. "

Mark S.

"I recently completed my 1 year keto anniversary and I'm down 100 lbs. I found Keto while looking for a way to change my family's lifestyle for our oldest daughter. She's 9 years old, overweight and insulin resistant. I want to prevent any future health problems she may have but knew I had to be careful how I approached this. I figured the best way is to change my lifestyle first and set an example."


"Back in April I got sick and after talking with Doctor, and doing research. I went keto/low carb. One of the best things I've ever done. At my heaviest weight, not liken myself very much, my husband was becoming a little distant. 9 months later, still going strong. I've lost almost 45lbs, I have 20lbs to go. Even after I get to my goal, I'm going to continue to eat like this.  I love this!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU!"


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